Which Master Agency "Does Cloud" the Best?

I've been starting to think about this quite a bit as my own personal clients have seemed to forget their original reluctance to "putting their stuff" in the cloud.

As well, every master agency seems to want to lay claim the the "Cloud Master Agency" title. Ask any one of them and they'll tell you that they're doing the best job of bringing the cloud to agents (or bringing the agents to the cloud).

So earlier this month I attended a Telarus "Technology Innovation Conference" featuring Unitas Global's Grant Kirkwood talking about how they are the masters of the universe when it comes to "Private enterprise Cloud" for the enterprise customer.

It all sounded great but like a lot of cloud presentations I hear from cloud vendors I feel like I've been thrown into tornado of acronyms and applications that I've never used or even heard of. Fortunately Patrick Oborn of Telarus put a bow on the end of the presentation with 14-minutes of "agent clarity" that you can hear below.

After Patrick's roundup I'm like, "OK, so Patrick really gets the cloud opportunity and all I gotta do is put my prospects in front of Patrick's cloud vendors..."

The only problem with pushing my clients to vendors I don't really understand is that my whole value proposition as a telecom consultant is that I'm supposed to actually understand it. So where do I learn?

Well I started by emailing all the master agency contacts I know to ask, "Do you have some video or one-page PDF that explains your 'Cloud vision'?" Most didn't have much of a concise cloud overview but one master agency certainly had a cloud vision...

Cloud Services University? It would appear!

Intelisys' Cloud Services University is the best answer I found to my question this month, "So where do I learn?" They're in the process of rolling out 6 certifications in different areas of expertise.

Most "telecom certification" classes for agents I've seen to date are pretty weak so I decided to register for iCSU and then take one of the classes that I know almost nothing about VDI/DaaS (virtual desktop/desktop as a service).

I was floored. the production quality is VERY high and the content is perfectly delivered to get into my poor 54 year old brain. It was great. Possibly the best telecom training I've been part of since I went through Pacific Bell's 8-week course back in 1991 before they would let me sell an 800 number to a pizza business. 

Watch the video of Andrew Pryfogle below to get a flavor of how Intelisys views the cloud opportunity for agents and their clients.

I can't say that I'm ready to crown Intelisys "The Best Cloud Master Agency" quite yet as I've only just begun my cloud education search but I can say that when I went looking for "cloud" last week they had exactly what I was looking for.

Telarus certainly understands cloud and is bringing it to agents with their table-top shows (like other master agencies) but Intelisys has a whole other area covered by teaching agents the cloud opportunity 24/7 through their online Cloud Services University.

What would the cool kids say? Oh yeah, "Props" to Intelisys for iCSU. (It's seriously impressive.)

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