Demand for clean energy has been significantly increased due to the rise in awareness and increase in global warming. Such as solar, wind, and environmentally friendly electric and hybrid vehicles. Energy storage is a grave concern for successful implementation of these clean solutions. It can be used by various applications for energy storage. These are directly or indirectly dependent on battery. Battery monitoring system continuously measures, records, monitors, and provides various parameters for individual cells and battery modules. Analyzing the data obtained from battery monitoring helps one to know the condition of the battery or cell. It would also help in taking proper actions in order to avoid unplanned power outages.

It also alerts the user about the failure of a battery or battery bank battery or the battery bank. Any battery that may or may not be damaged. Battery monitoring can prolong battery life and its efficiency. A battery monitoring system generally monitors charging, discharging, and charging on the battery; AC mains frequency & voltage; and ambient temperature and temperature of the battery.

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Based on end-user, the battery monitoring system can be segmented into energy industry, automotive industry, IT & telecommunication industry, and others. In the energy industry, the battery monitoring system is used for storing power generated from solar and wind energy, or for monitoring the battery as it is used in power generation and oil and gas segments of the energy industry. In the automotive sector, the battery monitoring system is used primarily in electric and hybrid electric vehicles to indicate the status of the various parameters of the battery used. In the IT & telecommunication industry, the battery monitoring system is used to ensure the proper working of the battery that provides power to various intensive and critical devices.

In terms of region, the battery monitoring system can be classified as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. North America is likely to hold a major share of the global battery monitoring system during the forecast period. Europe is expected to follow the lead of North America during the forecast period. However, Asia Pacific is anticipated to have significant growth potential; The market in the region is estimated to expand at a significant pace during the forecast period.

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Key players operating in the battery monitoring system market include ABB Group, Crucial Power Products, BTECH, Inc., C & D TECHNOLOGIES, INC., NDSL Group LTD, General Electric Company, and PowerShield Limited.