Flock can be defined as the process where the small particles are deposited on a surface. Thus, this process can be considered as having an effect on the tactile sensation, aesthetics, color and appearance. Flocking process can thus be applied to insulation, slip-or-grip friction, and low reflectivity, etc. In this process, flock is joined to the material by a layer of adhesive. For the quality flocked finish it is important to use the correct adhesive. Before choosing the adhesives the manufacturers of the fabrics, textiles, papers and boards etc. should consider the material of the substrate that they will flock and the characteristics of the ultimate flocked product. Some of the characteristics of the manufacturers of their products are solvent resistant, washable, rigid or flexible, pigmented or flame retardant. The flock adhesives can be applied through brushing, spraying, dipping and silk screening.

Based on resin type, the global flock adhesives market can be classified in acrylics, polyurethanes, epoxy resins and others. Acrylic is a versatile, styrene acrylic based adhesive product which has excellent water resistance properties. Acrylic flock adhesives are very durable when they are bonded to plastics, wood composites, concrete, ceramics and some other materials. Before applying acrylic flock adhesive the metals and plastics have been wiped with the solvents. This adhesive is most commonly used for sealing the edges of wood composites and applications of water based paints and coatings. Acrylic flock adhesive should be stored in well-sealed containers. This flock adhesive is highly affected by high temperature detouring the quality of this adhesive.

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Polyurethane flock adhesive is used to flock elastomers, thermoplastic elastomers and plastics. Polyurethane flock adhesive is processed under a wide range of cure conditions. This flock adhesive is mostly used in automotive and performance adhesives and specialties. Polyurethanes flock adhesives are known for their toughness and flexibility even at low temperatures. Epoxy resin flock adhesives are known for their high performance, versatility, durability and high resistance to the chemicals. These resins are mostly used for metal, wood, glass, stone etc. Compared to other adhesives this resin has high resistance to heat and chemicals. There are many modes of application to apply the adhesives depending on what material needs to be flocked. Some paintbrushes, paint roller and spray gun.

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Major players operating in the global flock adhesives market are Henkel, HB Fuller, Sika AG, Dow Chemical, and Kissel + Wolf, among others. These companies hold a significant share of the market. Thus, the flock adhesive market experiences intense competition.