Oil Water Separator: Market Overview

Waste water effluents from refineries, chemical / petrochemical plants, and gas plants have high levels of oils and suspended solids. The oil water separator is a device which is designed to separate effluents from the wastewater. The American Petroleum Institute (API) maintains the standards and designs of these separators. The first API separator was installed in 1933 at the Atlantic Refining Company (ARCO) refinery in Philadelphia, USA. Oil and water separators are thus used in electrical substations. The transformers found in Substations employ a large amount of oil for cooling purposes. Channels are trapped and leaked.

The oil water separator is also an acceptable discharge point (sewer). Oil water separators are typically the first stage of any wastewater treatment system. However, in some cases, oil water separators can be used as an effective completion of pipeline treatment equipment. Oils, grease, and other hydrocarbons are removed and non-hazardous water is left, which can be safely disposed of in the drainage. The ability of oil water separators make it possible for sensitive downstream equipment to perform as designed. The separators reduce overall operating cost and improve system maintenance.

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Oil Water Separator Market: Dynamics and Trends

The oil water separator becomes known as "the water in which it is produced". The type of wastewater produced is the exact type of oil water separator that has been used.

The oil used in the separator is the removal of oil, grease, and other hydrocarbons by coalescing methods, which force oil droplets to be impinged on the surface area. Gravity-based separators operate by putting fluid velocity and its corresponding pressure in control. The latest technique of hydrocyclone applies extreme centrifugal forces, which separate the water and oil droplets. The technology related to building pressure-rated separators can be configured for complex operations. These operations are separation of gases from a myriad of immiscible liquids and suspended solids.

Oil Water Separator Market Segmentation

In terms of type, the oil separator may be segmented into API series-based separators, enhanced gravity-based separators, and pressure-rated separators. In terms of application, the oil water separator market may be segmented into oil and gas, chemical processing plants, wastewater treatment, electrical substations, transportation, and others. In terms of region, the global oil water separator market may be segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

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Oil Water Separator Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the global oil water separator market include Schlumberger Ltd., Al Kaafah LLC, HydroFlo Tech LLC, and Andritz AG.