Laura Bernstein

2015 Recommendation For: Telecom Help Desk, Agent Help Desk,

2015 Peer-Review Interview: Listen now

Contact: 413-505-5203, Email, LinkedIn

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

Client Profile: Any end-user business that deals with multiple phone & internet bills from multiple carriers.

Any telecom agency or channel partner that would like to outsource carrier administration including: Provisioning, Repairs, Auditing, Moves, Adds, Changes, Deletes (MACD), etc.

Verified Client Project Experience With: All voice & data carriers including AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Comcast, Time Warner Cable,

Approved Keyword Searches: helpdesk-as-a-service, telecom help desk,  

TA1000 Tags: 1000, helpdesk,

Links: Women in the Channel/WIC, Technology Channel Association/TCA, CompTIA, BGP Optimization


Telecom Helpdesk, Provisioning, Repairs, Auditing, Customer Retention, and Telecom Agent Support