Voice Recognition System Sales for Automotive Research Report - Global Forecast till 2023

Market Synopsis:

The steadily rising demand for integrated assistant systems is expected to define the growth of the market. Reports that judge the automobile industry has been offered by Market Research Future, which generates reports on industry verticals that judge the market development and possibilities. The market is on the course to achieve a remarkable CAGR in the forecast period.

The rising knowledge of safety features in automobiles is expected to motivate the demand for voice recognition for automotive systems market. Moreover, the intensifying incorporation of voice recognition in cars is anticipated to boost the market favorably in the coming period.

Segmental Analysis

The segmental examination of the voice recognition systems market has been conducted on the basis of technology, application, regions, and vehicle type. Based on the technology, the voice recognition for automotive systems market has been segmented into hybrid and embedded. On the basis of application, the voice recognition for automotive systems market has been bifurcated into AI and non-AI. Based on the vehicle type, voice recognition for automotive systems market has been segmented into commercial vehicle and passenger vehicle. On the basis of regions, the voice recognition for automotive systems market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and MEA.


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Detailed Regional Analysis

The regional review of the voice recognition for automotive systems is anticipated to develop with a surge in demand for automobiles, primarily in the North American region. There is an enormous demand for commercial vehicles in the United States, mainly. The Asia Pacific market for voice recognition for automotive is one of the other significant markets in the voice recognition for automotive market. The market has been witnessing speedy growth in the recent times due to the intensifying sales of passenger cars, rising economies, changing of international players, and technological advancement. Moreover, the mounting purchasing power of individuals in the Asia Pacific region is increasing the demand of the market. There has been a striking influx of technology in the APAC region. Still, the limited number of key market players and an inadequate automotive infrastructure has resulted in reducing the market growth of voice recognition for automotive systems chiefly in the African and Middle Eastern regions.

Competitive Analysis

The market frontrunners are making an allowance for reorganization in all features of operations at a small and large level in the international market. The revolution in the way customers relate to market firms is also launching new business models. The fastest increasing companies are introducing an impressive growth stage in the market of late. The widespread set of competences advanced by market companies is aiding in hurrying and distributing sustainable development. The high progress goals currently in place are stimulating an intense level of progress in the market. Furthermore, the businesses are also well fortified to apply their growth strategy throughout the long term efficiently. The market players are making choices that are expanding business performance and manage risk. The tactical resolve of the market of companies is augmenting the processes in the market on the whole. As the companies are making their clients a significant principal point for strategy design, they are making a robust and viable benefit in today’s unstable market.

The distinguished players in the Voice Recognition System Sales for automotive are Microsoft (US), Nuance (US), Harman (US), Alphabet (US), BMW (Germany), Apple (US), Daimler (Germany), and Ford (US).

Industry Updates:

Oct 2019 All new Ford vehicles rolling off assembly lines by the end of 2019 will comprise integral cellular data modems. Starting in 2020, new generations of Ford vehicles will include an interface that has been refurbished again and now consists of a machine learning digital assistant and hybrid natural language voice processing system. The new interface consists of a new voice recognition system, as well.


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