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Buttons are small fasteners that helps in fastening two pieces of fabrics. They are made from various material like metal, wood, seashells, plastic etc. They are also prominently used in arts and crafts.  In modern clothing and fashion design, a button plays an important role as it easily fastens the two pieces of fabric together. Not only they work as fasteners but they can also be used for adornment of garments, bags, wallets, footwear etc.

In this blog we are going to discuss various types of available online:

1) MOP ButtonsMother of Pearl Buttons (aka MOP buttons) are seashell buttons that are made from shells. They come in various beautiful shapes and color variants. You will find the shell buttons on  embroiderymaterial.com fascinating enough to add to your garments. They can provide your designs a simple-yet-elegant look.


2) Snap Buttons: Snap buttons (aka Snap Fasteners) are buttons that can easily sewn on fabric and quickly snapped to close. These buttons have two disc that interlock together when snapped together. These come in various sizes which can help you choose the right one for your work. These metal buttons are often used in children clothing. The best thing about them is they easily hide under cloth so you can use them in places where you do not want the button to show up.


3) Swarovski ButtonsIn this category, you will find Swarovski crystal buttons online that are available in different shapes and colors. At embroiderymaterial.com, you can find Swarovski buttons in so many varieties. They are known for adding shine and elegance to the design. They can be used on coats, suit, upholstery and more. They can surely amp up the game for you.


So, this was all about the various buttons online available on at wholesale prices on your own button shop embroiderymaterial.com. You can now easily choose the snap fasteners as per your requirement. Let me know in the comments below what you are making and which button you would like to add to your designs.

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