Jewelry Making Wire at Wholesale Prices

Jewelry cord and jewelry wire plays an important role when it comes to jewelry making. These jewelry making materials can make your jewelry much more durable and interesting. In this blog, we are going to discuss about various jewelry wires and jewelry cords that are available online.

1) Beading Wire: Beading wire also known as tiger-tail wire is used for making jewelry with beads. It can be used for making bracelets, anklets, necklaces and more. They come in various beautiful colors which will makes it to design the jewelry as per your choice.


2) Waxed Thread: The cotton threads are braided to form round cord which is then coated with wax to get smooth finish. These are used for making braided jewerly items. Beads like ceramic beads, natural stones beads etc. that have big holes can be used with them. Braided bracelets and necklaces can easily be made with them. You can find them in various beautiful colors like white, yellow, green, blue, pink and more.


3) Nylon Jewelry Cord: This cord is also used for making braided jewelry items. It is also available in beautiful colors like yellow, green, blue and more. You can mix and match colors to make a gorgeous jewelry pieces. These are also used for doing craft works.


4) Elastic Thread Cord: Elastic Threads or Elastic Cords are mainly used for making stretchy bracelets. These can make the jewelry making work really easy for you as you don’t need clasp or crimps with it. All you need to do is, bead the stretchy cord and tie a knot at the end. To secure the knot use dab some glue on it and you are done. It’s really easy to work with this jewelry making cord. You can find various beautiful colors which will surely make your jewelry making experience even more pleasant.


So, this was all about jewelry cord and jewelry wire. You can buy all these jewelry making supplies at wholesale prices only on

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