High Voltage Testing Market Driven by Growing Demand for Electricity | 2026

The availability of electrical energy is vital for the economic development and quality lifestyle. Any electrical equipment must be capable of withstanding over-voltages during the operation. This can be assured by suitable testing techniques and testing equipments. High voltage testing can be broadly classified into tests on completed equipment and on insulating materials. The tests carried out on sample of dielectric consist of measurement of dielectric loss per unit volume, dielectric strength of the material and permittivity. Test carried out on completed equipment are the measurement of capacitance, power factor, ultimate breakdown voltage and flash over voltage. The break down voltage test on completed equipment is only done on a few samples since it permanently damages and destroys the equipment from further use. Breakdown voltage equipment is subjected to withstand test on which the voltage applied is about twice the normal voltage. Various types of used in testing are DC hipots, AC hipots, oil dielectric tester, AC dielectric test sets, aerial lift and bucket truck tester, cable fault locator, surge generators, VLF, HV divider and tan delta. Distribution and transmission are the application of high voltage testing products. At higher voltage, reliability and proven track record become even more important.


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High Voltage Testing Market: Drivers & Restraints


In U.S., Europe and China, the most common transportation voltage level is 550 KV. Canada, Korea and U.S are tending to use 800 KV which is also applied to India and China. This is due to longer distances of power transmission, requiring higher voltage to minimize transmission losses. Increasing transmission voltage levels, current for a given power is reduced to lower levels hence resulting in requirement of a thinner and a lighter cable which can easily withstand such lower current levels. Emerging economies like China and India will support the need for higher transmission voltage to increase the capacity. High voltage testing equipment market demand in Asia-Pacific is constantly rising making it the most attractive market specifically in China and India. In Europe, high and extra-high voltage underground electricity cable systems rated at 220KV and above have become part of the backbone of modern day power transmission infrastructure. In Europe shift towards usage of underground high voltage cables instead of currently in place overhead transmission lines is expected to help in improving connectivity and reliability as compared to overhead lines. China and U.S. are two leading high-voltage switch gear markets in the world attracting huge business. Main drivers in China are several power generation, transmission and upcoming pipeline projects. User-friendly high-voltage test systems for on-site testing are of great interest for the Chinese cable industry. Growth in Russian market will be driven by new power transmission lines and up gradation of existing ones. In U.S., growth is expected to be driven by increased investment in transmission and distribution infrastructure and replacements.


High Voltage Testing Market: Regional Outlook


Important drivers for high voltage testing market are steadily increasing need for energy, increasing requirement of transmission and distribution, and a trend toward high voltage. Global demand for electricity will grow in coming years. This growth will result into strong investments in the global transmission and distribution sector. The market share of China and India is estimated to be more than half of the total market of non-OECD countries.


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High Voltage Testing Market: Key Players


Some of the global players in the high voltage testing market are High Voltage Inc., Prysmian cables & systems, Haefely Test AG and SilecCable among others.

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