Top 7 Leave Management Software for SMBs to Consider.

The use of leave management software in human resources is a growing necessity. Managing leave time can be a tedious task for HR professionals, especially in industries that offer a variety of different employee leave types.

Attempting to sort and manage different leave times and types for numerous employees is made easier with some of the leading leave management software options available on the market for HR professionals.

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Leave management software for HR

Below are the top 7 leave management software that HR professionals in small to midsize businesses are benefiting from in 2019.

1. Paycor

For the growing industries that need the ability to adjust employee data with leave management software, Paycoroffers a variety of features that can be manipulated to fit your company needs. Use this leave management software to develop shift coverage for your company and allow employees to manage their time through self-service.

2. CuckooTech

With its self-service feature, CuckooTech is an employee leave software that allows employee scheduling and payroll to be modified based on the collected leave data that is inputted into the software. This data determines the type of leave being accrued monthly and used by each employee, updating their schedule and payroll based upon used leave time.

3. PeopleSoft Absence Management

With the PeopleSoft Absence Management software, HR professionals can manage various leave types by their employees. From annual, vacation, or sick leave, to comp leave or PTO time depending on how it is coded on the timesheet, professionals can organize and monitor numerous employees with this leave tracking software. Its design enables the HR team to organize data by employee, and facilitate their leave pools, reviewing whether they have enough of the appropriate leave available to cover their absences for pay.

4. Workforce

No matter what industry or business-type your company is composed of, the Workforce leave application software can be customized to fit your company’s leave allotments. No matter what form of leave you offer to your employees, it can be embedded in this software, and provide an option to collect data from leave use to absences. This leave tracking software is also available as a mobile-friendly option for those who need to review the data while at a conference or away for business travel.

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