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Since so many people turned this short 4-day week into an 11-day weekend we figured sending this "Weekend Magazine #5" out on Wednesday actually makes sense...

Telecom Help Desk Buyers Guide & Recommended Solution Providers Directory Published

Visit or click the image below to check out TA's latest business end-user buyers guide that you can white label and use on your own newsletter, blog or website. 

If you or your company provides telecom help desk services and you'd like to get listed in this publication or help upgrade the copy, please email with "Telecom Help Desk" in the subject line.

Get Listed in TA's Forthcoming "Managed Cloud Buyers Guide & Recommended Solution Providers Directory"

As you can see in this blog post, Rackspace seems to have decided that they are the "be all, end all vendor without peer" when it comes to "Managed Cloud" (whatever that is!)

But after viewing all their ads I'm thinking, "That can't be right. I know a lot of smart cloud consultants and I don't think any of them represent Rackspace." So to help everyone learn the best way to buy "Managed Cloud" (and from which vendors) TA will publish a "Managed Cloud Buyers Guide & Recommended Solution Providers Directory".

Aaron Loehr's team at Stratacore (TA's newest vendor member & "cloud master agency") has offered to help TA vet all the "managed cloud" vendors for our buyers guide.

If you're an experienced "managed cloud" consultant or solutions provider that would like to help write the guide, identify the best vendors and get listed as a solutions provider that can help end-users make the best "managed cloud" vendor selection, please email with "Managed Cloud Buyers Guide" in the subject line.

Seeking Experienced Windstream Partners, Users & Critics for Outage Analysis & Buyers Guide

As reported in our last edition, Windstream suffered a nationwide network service outage on 5/15/15 and was somewhat less than totally chatty about the incident.  To help Windstream partners, users and critics understand why the outage happened and how to prepare for a similar incident in the future, TA will analyze their official RFO ("reason for outage") the same way surgeons do on TV after a botched operation that kills a patient.

If you're a "Windstream PUC" (partner, user or critic) and you'd like to be included in or contribute to TA's Windstream RFO analysis, please email with "Windstream PUC" in the subject line. We'll add our RFO findings to the following publication which you can view at

While I think the title of this publication is really quite catchy, we'll likely change it to "Windstream Buyer's Guide & Recommended Solution Provider's Directory".  

If you're a solution provider with customer references & experience at helping business end-users migrate to or from Windstream and would like to help write our Windstream Buyers Guide (and be listed in the directory) please email with "Windstream Buyers Guide" in the subject line

Listen to Expert Panelists Discuss "How Converged is Converged Enough?"

Do SMBs really want a single vendor solution for IT, phones & carrier services? Listen to what our first 3 expert panelists (Dale Stein of TAG
Voice Smart NetworksAndrew Cohen of ATEL & Cloud Connect and Laura Bernstein
of CRA Telecom) had to say at

If you'd like to add your voice to the conversation and have it published along with our expert panelists please email with "Convergence Panel Speaker Request" in the subject line.

What Your Competitors Are Saying To Your Partners & Prospects

Click here to view the weekly eblast headlines and details of what TA's vendors are sharing with their partners and prospective partners to help them grow their business (and take business away from you!)

TA's Content Catalog That TA members Can Use on Their Customer Blogs, Websites and Newsletters

In case you missed it, click here or visit to view content pieces that authorized TA members can "white label" with their own logos and use to help generate new business through customer blogs, websites and newsletters.

Have Content You'd Like to Share with TA's 4,000+ Members in our next TA Weekend Magazine?

Email it to me at:  Dan Baldwin, TA Executive Director

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