Seeking Top POTS Consolidation Partners & Vendors for 2015 Directory Listing

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dan-baldwin-headshot2.jpgby Dan Baldwin

TA Executive Director

In conjunction with an article TA is publishing for business owners & decision makers titled Overcoming Cloud Migration Problems:  How to minimize POTS lines for non-phone equipment designed to use POTS lines, TA is redoing our TA Recommended Solution Partner Directory for the POTS categories. TA will be publishing the updated list of POTS consolidation vendors and partners on our directory and on pages 3 and 4 of the POTS publication noted above.

If you would like to have your company listed as either a POTS consolidation VENDOR or a PARTNER on TA's 2015/2016 directory, please self-nominate yourself at this link 

There is no cost to be listed. Final listings will be determined by TA's POTS Consolidation peer-review-board based on the quality of the self-nomination submission and follow-up inquiry. We are publishing the first draft of the document & directory this Friday and then modifying it throughout the year.

Please cut & paste the following template and submit your directory nomination at 


TITLE: Why (Company or Consultant Name) is a TA Recommended POTS Consolidation (Partner or Vendor)

BODY: (Company or Consultant Name) has ___ years experience as a POTS Consolidation (Partner or Vendor)

We have assisted ______ commercial businesses with their POTS needs and and have ____ POTS lines under management.

(For partners only) POTS Consolidation vendors we have experience working with include: __________________________

Please view the following links to see additional evidence of our POTS consolidation experience:


LinkedIn Page:

Other Links:

For more information about how we can help business end users with their POTS consolidation needs please contact us at:

Contact Name:

Contact Company:




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