TA Publishes "ICT101 for Business Owners & Consultants"

TA today published "ICT101 for Business Owners & Consultants: Lower your telecom & IT costs with the ICT21 template".

The content can be viewed on the web, downloaded as a PDF or listened to as an audio webcast.

Web version http://j.mp/ict101web 

PDF version (download at) http://j.mp/ict101web

Audio version http://j.mp/ict101audio


Who This Content is Written For

1. Business Owners: TA created this content primarily for business owners and decision makers trying to understand how to reduce their telecom and IT costs.

2. Channel Partners & Consultants: TA also created this content for TA members who want to create similar content pieces for their own websites and newsletters. TA members may license this content for republication under the members' own name and byline. For more information about licensing please contact Dan@TelecomAssociation.com


TA Vendors Invited to Sponsor This & Future Publications

In viewing the written piece and listening to the audio piece you will notice several sponsor messages from TA vendor members. TA vendors who wish to sponsor this and future similar publications should contact Dan@TelecomAssociation.com.

Pending content pieces with sponsorship opportunities include:

"How to Buy ICT: Here's how to get the best price on telecom & IT for your business" &

"How to Sell ICT: Here's how telecom & IT pros earn a nice living selling cloud services"

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