Telarus Releases New Commission Software Compatible with RPM

New formats allow partners to seamlessly work with common third-party platforms saving time and effort.

June 18, 2015 SANDY, UT -- Telarus, Inc., master agent for more than 50 suppliers of business data, voice, cloud, and data center services, today released its new commission software module to its network of over 2,000 North American sales partners. The new module features RPM compatibility, easy-to-use find account details, and an enhanced overall interface.

“We are excited about our new commission module,” said Adam Edwards, president of Telarus. “This was one of the features at the top of our partner’s priority list when it came to suggestions to improve our home-grown back office web site and overall partner experience. With this new module, all of our partners who use commission processing software, like RPM, will have a much easier time exporting their residual commission data into a format that works seamlessly with what they’re already using. Cross-platform compatibility is a major initiative with our web development department and this is just the first step.”

The new commission module replaces the old one found in the award-winning Telarus partner back office web site, which its partners have used since 2003 to access the CRM, supplier contact info, special promotions and SPIFs, training, marketing tools, and the patented GeoQuote system for pricing cable, T1, EoC, and fiber in real-time. Both commission modules were written by Telarus’ team of developers in response to partner feedback.

“This new software is going to save me a ton of time,” commend Mike Sickle, president of Dynamic Network Advisors and partner of Telarus. “I am one of their partners who uses RPM to process my monthly commission and, although I like all of the custom software Telarus writes and Telarus has never been late on a commission payment, it took my staff time to import the commission data in the format I need to pay my partners. Kudos to the Telarus IT department for listening to my feedback and making the changes necessary to save my team lots of man-hours each month.”

If you’d like more information about the Telarus partner program, please call 877-523-2323 or visit for more information.

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