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This is the Second TA Weekend Magazine!

If you missed our first edition last week, TA has elected to email out this "Weekend Magazine" to our 4,000+ members in an effort to recap what's caught the eye of a working telecom consultant/channel partner (that would be me, Dan Baldwin) in case you find a quiet moment to sneak a peak over the weekend.

A New Age of Telecom & IT Resale is Arriving (what will I do?)

I've spent the majority of my week looking at ways the get all my client's multiple phone & data bills onto a single invoice without them having to switch all their services to a single provider.

When I sat through Telarus' Unitas Global presentation a couple weeks ago it became shockingly clear that ITSPs and private cloud vendors fully intended to get my clients down to just two invoices (one for voice and one for data) and that either could do pass-thru billing for the other. Unfortunately most hosted VoIP providers don't seem very interested in adding invoice line items to their invoices whereas private cloud vendors seem only too willing to add hosted VoIP to there invoice. 

TA does have one "bring on all their bills" vendor and that's WCS or Wholesale Carrier Services. I'm talking to them about providing a consolidated bill for one of my larger customers. I'm also looking at SpectrotelCoreDial and Valicom.  When I figure out what I think is best for my clients I'll let you know.

3 Cloud vs. Colo Case Studies, (Save 85% by Dumping AWS?)

The other thing I spent time on was learning the difference between public cloud & private cloud. In conducting some self-education I stumbled across a "Cloud vs. Colo Smackdown" video produced by StrataCore that I found absolutely fascinating because it showcased 3 enterprise IT VPs who had recently made big changes to the way they were hosting their IT infrastructure. Two of the three had left Amazon's AWS to build private enterprise clouds in a colocation facility and save a ton of money.

To turn the video into a self-teaching tool I ripped the audio and semi-transcribed it so I could explore all the cool buzzwords the 3 IT VPs were dropping that I didn't understand.

If you're like me, a cloud neophyte trying to learn as much as you can as fast as you can, download the PDF of the review or access it as a shared web doc and read along while you're listening to the audio or watching the video.

Props to StrataCore for sponsoring the event and the 3 IT VPs for sharing their lessons learned. 

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Stories for Next Week

I've got a "lessons learned" interview of an IT director who switched 44 grocery stores from an AT&T MPLS to an Earthlink VPN.

Also I'm writing "lessons learned" from a virtually flawless telecom cut of 3 circuits from Level3/te telecom to Windstream and why the cut lasted over 4 hours.


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