Windstream Outage; Do SMBs Really Want a Single Invoice & Help Desk for IT, Phones & Internet?

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How Converged is Converged Enough for SMBs?

To help TA's 4,000+ members engage their SMB customers and prospects in a conversation about "converging" their IT, phones & internet service all onto a single invoice and help desk, TA today is releasing:

Single Invoice & Help Desk Buyers Guide & Recommended Vendor Directory for SMBs which can also be accessed at

This buyers guide is designed for TA members to private label with their own logo for use on their own customer blogs, websites and newsletters.

This buyer's guide is mostly my own opinion so to learn what other industry opinion leaders think TA has invited 17 convergence subject matter experts to participate in an expert panelist discussion titled.

How Converged is Converged Enough? Do SMBs really want a single vendor solution for IT, phones & carrier services? which you can view the details about at

The first convergence expert, Dale Stein of TAG National & Voice Smart Networks has already shared his thoughs which you can listen to at this link. 

What SMB convergence questions do you have for our 17 SMB convergence experts? Email them to so I can be sure to ask them. Send an inquiry to the same email if you're an SMB convergence expert who would like to participate on the panel.

Windstream Fails to Communicate With Customers or Partners During National Outage on 5/15/15

It's one thing to have a carrier that you recommended go down and hear about it first from your biggest customer. (Read our blog post on the outage here).

It's quite another thing to have the carrier that's down act like nothing's wrong or worse - that they just don't care enough about their customers' or partners' upset over the outage to even post a network outage update on social media.

Earth to Windstream: The only time your customers or partners look at your Twitter or Facebook page is when your network goes down to get some comfort that you know what you're doing.  To only have self-serving promo posts on your social media pages and absolutely nothing about the outage suggests that you don't know what you're doing.

Advice to Windstream: Step 1) Give Randy the password to your Twitter account, 2) The next time Windstream goes down, tell Randy to provide status updates and ETRs (that's guestimated time of repair) on said Twitter account.

(In case you think I'm just a Windstream "hater", I'm not. I'm a Windstream "worrier" because I'm a month into a 36-month agreement that I just recommended my biggest customer sign for their most important location.)

Earth to Windstream 2: I understand that since you're a real estate company now that you find things like telecom outages quite mundane and boring but if you find the time in your busy schedule to share "what happened" and "why it won't happen again", my email address is

(Read our blog post on the outage here).

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